The Group

More than 50 years in the service of the Aluminium and Magnesium Industry

The Group

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Established in Brescia (Italy) in 1957, SAPP serves the largest aluminium and magnesium foundries in Europe and worldwide

ISO 9001 certified die maker since 1998, we are committed to providing full service and turn-key solutions to our customers.

SAPP in Italy:

In addition to our Corporate Headquarters where we manufacture and assemble dies and die components, the SAPP Group also operates 3 separate workshops in Italy

JOTA: tool shop for small-medium size HPDC dies and trimming tools

GI-DA: workshop for holders and die components

SV PETRONI: assembly of large and extra large dies and sampling foundry

SAPP in the world:

SAPP also operates 2 companies in strategic areas of the world.

SV Slovakia: workshop for small HPDC dies and components

IT Integrated Technologies Shanghai: sales and after sales service to our Far East customers